Emily Gruenhagen's idea of peace is certainly different than mine.

In her Jan. 11 letter to the editor, the Glencoe wife of Rep. Glenn Gruenhagen labeled it "a sad day when liberals try to indict those who attended a peaceful rally at the State Capitol..."

Ms. Gruenhagen added: "Let me be clear, there was no connection between the two rallies."

Really? The same day, the same catch phrases ("Storm the Capitol" and "Stop the Steal"), the same hostile rhetoric straight out of far-right, radical social media platforms. While it was called "a peaceful rally," listen to the words of one GOP supporter, Alley Waterbury, who was allowed to be one of the speakers:

"My God you guys, we are going to fight, we are going to go down, there's going to be casualties, I don't care. We are not going to give up!"

And when Waterbury announces that Trump supporters in Washington, D.C., have "stormed security," many in the estimated crowd of 500 cheered. Cheered. For casualties.

That's not a peaceful rally, Emily. That's little difference from Donald Trump's words, which were in part responsible for that "storming" of the Capitol in D.C. All while the commander-in-chief hid, quiet for hours as he watched, while a Capitol policeman was killed, others assaulted.

There are times, Emily, that your efforts to alter the reality of history fall short. Don't shame those who have long recognized the dangers of Trump's rhetoric, his failure in leadership, and the un-American efforts to discount the election of Joe Biden.

Dana Melius

St. Peter

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