You know who you are. Would the person or persons who took my 85-year-old mom’s Adirondack chair from the Shiloh Court, Mankato area, please return it.

My dad passed away two years ago and last year was the first year she did not put them out. We kids told her not to put the chairs out — “Someone might take them” — plus with COVID she didn’t have to worry about putting them out.

This spring, my mom decided she wanted the pair of chairs back across the street from her home for the “neighborhood to enjoy.” She and my dad used to enjoy sitting in them in the afternoon shade and people watch and visit with walkers passing by.

By herself, she carried them across the street, placed them and planted a few flowers for “people to enjoy.” I stopped to see her this weekend and she was so sad and said, “Did you notice someone took one of our chairs?”

So please return the Adirondack chair, no questions asked. Just bring back her chair so she can once again enjoy watching people walk by.

P.S. If you had just asked, I am pretty sure she would have given it to you, please just bring it back. Thank you.

Terri Michels


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