I read myself a bedtime story last week, a book printed the year before I was born, which I enjoyed while learning to read in the mid-1950s. Dr. Seuss' "McElligot's Pool" is about a little boy hoping to catch all sorts of imaginary fish from a small farm pond.

I bought my copy several years ago and had read it to my granddaughter. Now I learn it is among a group of Dr. Seuss books no longer to be printed due to "offensive content."

After reading my bedtime story I determined I do not need a higher source of intelligence, but rather a lower source of intelligence to explain to me what is offensive about my book.

What is next? Since the underlying theme of "Peter Rabbit" is how to steal from your neighbor without getting caught, I suppose the fuzzy bunny will soon be on the chopping block.

My copy of "Peter Rabbit" is dated 1942. Despite sitting on my big sister's lap while she read to me, I defied the odds and enjoy a comfortable retirement from a lifetime of hard work, not from stealing.

Marlin Peterson


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