Regarding high school teacher Kurt Schroeder’s July 22 letter in The Free Press which began with the following: "Students in my American government class often ask, 'What is the difference between a Democrat/liberal and a Republican/conservative?'

"My answer has become direct, simple and spot-on.

“Liberals make decisions and policy based on emotions. Conservatives make decisions and policy based on reason, logic and common sense.”

Teachers at the secondary education level are tasked with teaching facts, not their own subjective opinions.

Mr. Schroeder should not be paid as an educator for preaching his beliefs in the classroom as though these represent truth.

To tackle just one facet of Schroeder’s inaccurate letter — the simplistic characteristics he uses to differentiate between liberals/Democrats and conservatives/Republicans are the factual opposite of reality.

Reputable, vetted sources such as the Pew Institute show that liberals tend to be overwhelmingly better educated than conservatives (hence the anecdotal claim that institutions of higher learning are often “hotbeds” of liberalism).

A liberal hallmark is overwhelming reliance upon fact, expertise, and science in formulating responses and making decisions. In contrast, conservatives are more and more widely recognized for dismissing scientific facts and evidence and relying upon their “gut” feelings, a mysterious hankering for freedom from rules, blind loyalty and/or their zealous religious convictions — and using these to inform their policies and decision-making. Gut feelings, liberation from common sense rules, misplaced loyalty and religion are not based in "reason, logic, nor common sense." They are all rooted in emotion.

All of my statements here are true and factual. Schroeder's, however, were sadly lacking in same.

Joni D. Myers

St. Peter

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