Spending billions or trillions on infrastructure — inconceivable. Really? Is each representative and senator aware of the infrastructure needs of their area that this bill could cover? How much would fixing aging bridges, failing water treatment plants, perennial flooding areas, lead water pipes, substandard roads and public transportation really cost?

What is needed to finish mitigating damage from hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, drought, and prevent future damage? Doesn’t the total cost exceed the highest proposed infrastructure spending?

Are those intent on shrinking the infrastructure bill willing to have their constituents’ needs go unmet? Why do so many other countries have better roads and public transportation than we do?

Why is taxing the rich to pay for basic community needs so impossible? Will the life of the billionaire be affected by paying millions in taxes? Wouldn’t improved roads keep their Tesla or Bugatti running longer? Or can these be easily replaced like a used paper towel?

Must our economic divide be increased? Would the rich become so financially unstable, politicians would have to rely on merit, not money to stay in office.

The economic divide in many Central American countries creates unlivable conditions. Citizens risk their lives to leave. The rich feed off the unrest, with little concern for the whole country. Gangs have better weapons than the police or military, kidnapping and killing citizens at will. Is this our future?

Pass President Joe Biden’s infrastructure bill. Invest in our democratic future.

Marty Meyer-Gad


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