If you’re mad because our current government system hasn’t worked well for you — that it has often worked actively against you — you’re absolutely right.

Regulations come from on high and are arbitrary and often not well reasoned or explained.

Your wages have been stagnant or worse for over a decade. Your opportunities to make a good living have steadily disappeared as the global economy seeks to equalize what we get paid relative to the rest of the world.

Do we really think that the typical billionaire really works harder than the man or woman who joins the construction crew at dawn and drags their butt home at dusk?

Unrestrained capitalism sees everything as a money-making mechanism. We must embrace more socialist ideals to be able to have our voices compete against the moneyed elite running the globe currently.

I was raised in the 1970s-1980s and know what visceral hate toward communism and socialism we were all inculcated with. However, what we were taught to fear and despise was actually the rise of dictatorship and oligarchy. That is exactly what happened in the Soviet Union and exactly what Trump represents.

He is one of them.

I encourage all who read this to explore the power of socialism. We already have hard-won elements of socialism in our society: Social Security, free public education, public roads, our military, Medicare/Medicaid, etc.

It is not evil, and those who tell you otherwise are deluded by the idea of bootstrapping themselves to the top. Unfortunately, they cannot compete alone with those who have all the resources and power.

If you don’t like Trump, you don’t like unrestrained capitalism.

Kevin Haggerty


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