Just days ago, Bob Jentges sent a letter to the editor applauding Trump’s response to the virus with a carefully curated timeline that mentioned some of the highlights of the United States’ official response to the ongoing pandemic.

He mentioned that as early as Jan. 31, 2020, travel from China had already been banned. What he did not include was when a month later, on Feb. 28, Trump called COVID-19 “(Democrats') new hoax.”

Now, the opposition claims he was saying that the way Democrats were framing his response was a hoax and not the virus itself. I will, however, point out that in that quote, he had only just referred to the reasons for his impeachment as the last “hoax” and went on to say “it’s their new hoax” about the virus for context.

He was clearly claiming the reasons for his impeachment were utterly fake in the previous sentence when he referred to them as a hoax, so how could one not interpret his subsequent claim that “it’s their new hoax” to mean the same, namely, that it (the virus) is also utterly nonsensical and fake?

On the other hand, regardless of this, he rarely wore masks in public, never required masks at his events and failed to act safely even within his own Cabinet, causing both himself and several of his close aides to also contract the virus, requiring his own and others’ hospitalizations.

How can we expect him to convince Americans to act safely when he is unable to do so himself? I wonder if he still believes it’s the hoax he claimed it was.

Dalton Myers

St. Peter

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