To all those who have chosen to remain unvaccinated: I am so very angry with you.

Because you chose not to be vaccinated back in February-May, the delta variant is now spreading at a very rapid rate. The hospitals are once again filling to capacity and our children under twelve who have not been vaccinated are now at risk. Are you so proud? Is this how you choose to carry out your constitutional right, your freedom?

I have a freedom too, but because of you, my freedom is a choice between staying in lock down in my home or going to birthday parties, sporting events, club meetings, family gatherings, grocery shopping. You see, my immune system is jeopardized due to cancer. How many other people are like me because of your freedom?

Thank you very much. Please get the vaccination so that we can be truly free. It's not if you will get the virus, but when.

Margaret Sonnek


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