With respect to the recent debate about the Line 3 tar sands pipelines, I would like to say that they are unnecessary and dangerous.

Minnesotans, and people around the country, don’t need to choose between good jobs and protecting the environment. Enbridge, and those that support Line 3, have misrepresented the necessity of the harmful pipeline.

They plan to expand the pipeline in a futile attempt to save a dying industry. New pipelines leak just as much as the old in a mile by mile comparison. What’s really important is that all pipelines leak.

I’m speaking about this subject because as a Minnesotan who has lived by our great rivers my entire life, I hate to see them destroyed. As an advocate for workers rights, I want to see families able to choose jobs in sustainable markets that are also sustainable for the environment. Minnesota doesn’t need this pipeline for jobs. Their formal testimony in the Line 3 case relied on the work of Dr. Marie Fagan and Dr. O’Connell, who showed that Minnesota refineries currently have all the oil they need, and don’t use Line 3 much, so this project has very little benefit for Minnesota.

We have an opportunity to rebuild these systems to protect the health of workers and communities, to reduce carbon and methane emissions, and to build a stronger, more resilient system for the future.

If we act to stop the harmful Line 3 project and redirect resources to building up green infrastructure we can prevent environmental devastation and actually help Minnesota workers thrive.

We don’t need Line 3. It’s dangerous and wasteful. We need jobs with dignity that will invest in our families, farm lands, and wetlands.

Timb Mannuzza


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