Thumbs up to the refreshing good news that Waseca officer Arik Matson can finally come home.

Matson was responding to a call of suspicious person with other officers in January when he was shot in the head by the suspect.

The road to his recovery has been long and arduous with the COVID-19 pandemic further complicating matters. He has been at a rehab facility in Nebraska. But on Monday, the 33-year-old Matson will be welcomed home with a socially distanced line of enthusiastic well wishers on Waseca’s main drag.

The community, his law enforcement colleagues, and, of course, his friends and family have anxiously awaited this day. We wish him and his loved ones all the best and are happy he is coming home to southern Minnesota.

Dental care

Thumbs up to the two-day free dental clinic held at Minnesota State University this week.

MSU’s dental program hosts the clinics each semester, giving student hygienists experience and giving community members free dental care. The university saw a steady stream of parents who brought their kids to the event.

The clinic was even more important this time as many people have been unable to get their regular checkup and teeth cleaning because of the pandemic.

Providing free dental care to anyone regardless of their economic situation helps close the disparity gap that exists in health care.

Trump’s terrible tweet

Thumbs down to President Donald Trump for once again retweeting a horrific and stomach-turning conspiracy theory that Osama bin Laden is not dead and the Navy SEALs were at the heart of a deception.

The tweet, which has now been taken down, stated the falsehood that former Vice President Joe Biden and President Barack Obama had the SEALs killed, and bin Laden was alive and the body disposed of was a body double.

Trump shrugged off the retweeting in a town hall meeting with NBC News Thursday night, saying it was “just a retweet.”

Moderator Savannah Guthrie called Trump out on the retweet saying he was the president of the United States. “You’re not someone’s crazy uncle,” Guthrie said.

Trump seemed undaunted and stood by his retweet and said he’d just “put it out there” and “People can decide for themselves.”

Americans have become all too familiar with Trump’s outrageous, baseless lies and dog whistling. But we would be remiss if we didn’t call out every ridiculous instance for as long as they occur.

Much ado over nothing

Thumbs down to the kerfuffle over NBC’s scheduling that town hall with President Trump at the same time that ABC held one with his challenger, Joe Biden.

Those protesting the scheduling — including a number of actors on NBC shows and several former NBC News employees — argued that NBC was boosting Trump’s campaign by limiting the audience for Biden’s town hall. NBC reportedly asked ABC to move the Biden town hall to another time, and ABC refused.

NBC’s rationale for scheduling Trump for that time on a Thursday night is sound. It’s the same day and time that NBC used for a Biden town hall earlier, so the network was treating the two candidates equally.

There was no need, really, for anybody to get worked up about this. In this age of DVRs and streaming, pretty much any American who really wanted to watch both town halls can. (The question is, why would one want to watch both?) For what it’s worth, Biden’s town hall outdrew Trump’s in the initial ratings.

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