Thumbs up to the decades of contributions from All American Towing & Service.

The downtown Mankato business was started in the 1970s by Brad Reeves and in recent decades his son Kent has led the company. Kent Reeves recently sold the business to Affordable Towing and the All American name will be no more.

It’s tough running any business, but towing has special challenges when it comes to towing people’s vehicles to an impound lot during a snow emergency. People may understand that the city, not the tow company makes the rules, but it is the tow company employees that upset car owners see when they pay to get their car out of impound.

But for everyone stung by a snow emergency tow, many more were helped when their broken down vehicle was safely moved by an All American driver.

The company contributed much to the local economy and provided many jobs, jobs that continue on at Affordable Towing.

Vile virus

Thumbs down to the flu picking up its pace in our area this month, amounting to half of the cases reported so far during the flu season.

Mayo in Mankato has had 90 flu cases in the first half of January, about 46% of its 197 total cases since the season began in fall 2019. Mankato Clinic’s first half of January included 164 flu cases, about 40% of the 415 total since fall 2019.

If this increase in cases makes you nervous because you never bothered to get vaccinated, you should be — but there’s still hope. Just because the hours of daylight are gradually growing doesn’t mean you’re in the clear. The flu season typically lasts until early spring.

Get your shots now if you haven’t already, say health officials.

Another guideline they stress is to wash hands often to avoid spreading or picking up the flu bug, and also stay home from work or school when you are sick. Stellar attendance doesn’t mean much if you are putting others at risk of becoming ill.

Looting the military

Thumbs down to the Trump administration’s latest foray into the Pentagon budget in its continuing quest to “build the wall.”

The president, who got $1.4 billion from Congress for his useless border barrier, apparently intends to repeat an earlier money grab from the military’s construction and counternarcotics funding, this time to the tune of $7.2 billion.

So far the courts have declined to stop the president’s money grab, and Congress has been unwilling to preserve its power of the purse. It’s a bad process in pursuit of bad policy.

Kangaroo court in Senate

Thumbs down to GOP Sen. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell for his kow-towing to the Trump administration in conducting the Senate “trial” of impeachment.

McConnell stood in front of television cameras and vowed to “work with” The White House coordinating the trial, following White House desires at every level.

He also said he would not be an impartial juror as the Constitution requires. In fact, the oath all senators took on Thursday calls for them to swear to be “impartial.”

Every senator held up their right hand and swore : “that in all things appertaining to the trial of the impeachment of Donald John Trump, president of the United States, now pending, I will do impartial justice according to the Constitution and laws, so help me God.”

Three Republican senators, including Mitt Romney, of Utah, Susan Collins, of Maine and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska have said they were open to calling witnesses.

Kudos to them and their courage. The rest of the Senate trial is a kangaroo court.

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