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The Free Press Media was founded in 1887 and is published daily except Christmas by The Free Press Co., a Division of Newspaper Holdings, Inc. at 418 S. 2nd St., Mankato, MN 56002-3287.

Business office hours are Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Reader Service phone lines (507-625-3764) are open Monday-Friday 7 a.m. to 4 p.m.; Saturday, Sundays and Holidays (except Christmas) messages are checked at 9 a.m. and any missed papers within city limits are brought out.


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Steve JamesonPublisher: Steve Jameson. 507-344-6310 • 800-657-4662 (Ext. 310)

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Retail Sales Consultants

mugshotDanny Creel 507-344-6351 • 800-657-4662 (Ext. 351)


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 Joan Streit 507-344-6340 • 800-657-4662 (Ext. 340) 


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Editorial Management Team

 MANAGING EDITOR Joe Spear 507-344- 6382 • 800-657-4662 (Ext. 382) • Twitter/@jfspear

 NEWS EDITOR Kathy Vos 507-344-6357 • 800-657-4662 (Ext. 357) • Twitter/@KathyVos



mugshotMANKATO MAGAZINE ASSOCIATE EDITOR Robb Murray 507-344-6386 • 800-657-4662 (Ext. 305).


mugshot PHOTO EDITOR Pat Christman  507-344- 6371 • 800-657-4662 (Ext. 371) • Twitter/@PCPhoto Pat graduated from St. Cloud State University with a degree in Mass Communications with a photojournalism emphasis and a minor in Spanish. He has worked as a full-time photographer since 1997 and joined The Free Press in 2002. In his spare time he enjoys fishing, volunteering with his church youth group and spending time on Lake Pepin aboard his sailboat. 


News Reporters

Goodrich Kristine Goodrich 507-344-6354 • 800-657-4662 (Ext. 354) • Twitter/@FPKGoodrich

mugshot Mark Fischenich 507-344-6321 • 800-657-4662 (Ext. 321)

Mark Fischenich has been a newspaper reporter for 30 years, mostly at The Free Press where he has covered various levels of government. A graduate of the University of Minnesota School of Journalism, he grew up in southwestern Minnesota. Fischenich, pronounced “fish nick,” is married and has three children.

mugshot Trey Mewes 507-344-6365 • 800-657-4662 (Ext. 365) • Twitter/@MFPTreyMewes

mugshot Tim Krohn 507-344-6383 • 800-657-4662 (Ext. 383)

Tim Krohn is a native of rural Nicollet. He graduated from Minnesota State University, where he was editor of the college newspaper, The Reporter. He has been with the Free Press for 35 years and has covered a variety of topics during his career, including politics and the Legislature, higher education, agriculture, business, police, courts and the environment. He is on the Free Press editorial board and is the associate editor of the MN Valley Business magazine.

Arola Brian Arola 507-344-6355 • 800-657-4662 (Ext. 355) • Twitter/@BrianArolaMFP

Brian Arola started as the health and nonprofits reporter at The Free Press in February 2016 after two years covering small-town city councils, higher education, public utilities, health and nonprofits at the Hibbing Daily Tribune. Originally from Chisholm in the heart of the Iron Range, he earned his journalism degree in 2013 at the University of Minnesota, where he wrote for the MN Daily student newspaper. In his free time he enjoys traveling, cabin time in northern Minnesota and watching Gopher sports.

 mugshot Jordan Smith 507-344- 6374 • 800-657-4662 (Ext. 374) • Twitter/@JordanSmith09



mugshot SPORTS EDITOR Chad Courrier 507-344-6353 •  800-657-4662 (Ext. 353) • Twitter/@ChadCourrier

Chad grew up in Deer River in northern Minnesota, graduated from Minnesota State in 1986 with degree in Mass communication and minors in English and history. His first job was as the sports editor at the Faribault Daily News and have been at The Free Press since 1991, serving as a copy editor and sports reporter. He and his wife of 33 years, Robin, have two daughters, Maddison and Jenna.

Kevin Dudley Kevin Dudley 507-344-6381 • 800-657-4662 (Ext. 381) • Twitter/@Dudley7Kevin


Desk Staff

mugshot Edward Thoma  507-344- 6377 • 800-657-4662 (Ext. 377) • Twitter/@bboutsider