I attached my first trail camera to a red pine that held my tree stand a dozen years ago, excited to see what deer were making their way through the family property and that I might see later when the hunting season opened.


My pal Paul resides on a hobby farm that, among other things, provides a heap of open pasture space to train my dogs, shoot our hunting bows at 3-dimensional targets set-up against a wooded backdrop, and view myriad wildlife.

Anyone who cruises social media sites has been bombarded with unending ad streams, most of which seem to be miracle weight loss schemes, promising fast fat loss while the target client noshes on anything they like.


Scant weeks ago, the Minnesota waterfowling season seemed to be at an early end due to plummeting temperatures locking up most open water with ice. Not that long ago, I found myself at a prairie pothole, long-handled hammer in hand, breaking ice to entice passing ducks to alight in favorable…

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Yesterday’s firearms deer opener couldn’t get here fast enough for legions of hunters across the state. Eight months of a rollercoaster pandemic coupled with a drawn out and ugly election was reason for many men and women to need an escape to the woods. Minnesota hunters and anglers have tur…