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Senior Emily Mantor of United South Central/Alden-Conger is poised for another strong track season as a distance runner. Mantor won the 3,200-meter run and was second in the 4x800 relay at an indoor meet Tuesday at Bud Myers Field House.

It’s safe to say Junior Emily Mantor of the United South Central/Alden-Conger girls track and field team is a high achiever.

Last spring she qualified for the Class A state meet and finished fifth in the 3,200-meter run with a time of 11:25.65.

This past fall, she qualified for the Class A cross country meet and placed fourth in 14:39.5.

This year all she wants to do is keep getting better.

“I just want to improve and have fun,” said Mantor at Tuesday’s USCAC five-team meet at Minnesota State’s Bud Myers Field House. “I ran OK at (the state track meet) last season but it wasn’t my best time. My best was 11:14 in the section meet last year.”

The 3,200 is definitely her strongest event in track. She also does the mile run and, lately, has been running with the 4x800-meter relay.

“I like the longer distances but the relays are fine, too,” she said. “Wherever the team needs me, that’s where I’ll go.”

Mantor began Tuesday’s meet with a second-place finish in 4x800-meter relay. She combined with Samantha Chaffe, Beth Stevermer and Amber Klein for a time of 10:44.0.

In her final event, Mantor won the 3,200 meters in 11:31.

The Rebels Mikayla Gormley was a three-event winner Tuesday, winning the 55-meter dash in 7.8 and taking the 200-meter dash in 25.29.

Gormley also combined with Annissa Janzig, Linsey Thisius and Caitlyn Klocek to win the 4x200-meter relay in 1:59.0.

USCAC’s Aubrey Olson was first in the 55 low hurdles in 9.51 and Amanda Allis won the shot put with a toss of 36-feet-10.5.

Fairmont won Tuesday’s meet with 188 points. The Rebels placed second (153), Holdingford was third (69), Minnesota Valley Lutheran placed fourth (60) and Gibbon-Fairfax-Winthrop finished fifth (60).

United South Central/Alden Conger

Indoor Track & Field Meet

(MSU’s Bud Myers Field House)

GIRLS TEAM SCORES: 1—Fairmont 188; 2—United South Central/Alden-Conger 153; 3—Holdingford 69; 4—Minnesota Valley Lutheran 60; 5—Gibbon-Fairfax-Winthrop 60.

4x800 METER RELAY: 1—Fairmont 10:43.4; 2—United South Central/Alden-Conger (Samantha Chaffe, Beth Stevermer, Emily Mantor, Amber Klein) 10:44.0; 3—Holdingford 11:04.6; 4—Minnesota Valley Lutheran (Alexa Diersen, Martha Balge, Brianna Holtmeier, Laura Schoenherr) 11:30.5.

55 HIGH HURDLES: 1—Schultz (F) 9.4; 2—Aubrey Olson (USCAC) 9.5; 3—Leichtnam (F) 9.7; 4—Lizzy Leland (USCAC) 9.8; 5—Mariah Stein (MVL) 9.9; 6—Storm (H) 10.1.

55 DASH: 1—Mikayla Gormley (USCAC) 7.8; 2—Voss (F) 7.9; 3—Prieser (USCAC) 7.9; 4—Sarah Stelljes (MVL) 7.9; 5—Kayla Norris (MVL) 8.0; 6—Rufli (F) 8.1. 

4x200 RELAY: 1—United South Central/Alden-Conger (Mikayla Gormley, Annissa Janzig, Linsey Thisius, Caitlyn Klocek) 1:59.0; 2—Minnesota Valley Lutheran (Maggie Rauh, Kayla Norris, Kira Fosburgh, Bridget Brown) 2:03.0; 3—Fairmont 2:03.7; 4—Holdingford 2:03.7.

1,600 METERS: 1—Fischer (F) 6:08.9; 2—Johnson (F) 6:12.6; 3—Koziolek (USCAC) 6:26.1; 4—L. Halstead (GFW) 6:27.9; 5—Piwovar (H) 6:40.4; 6—Kristina Long (MVL) 6;43.6. 

400 METERS: 1—Riley (F) 1:05.6; 2—Steph Palmer (GFW) 1:07.6; 3—Preusser (H) 1:08.2; 4—Nancy Christianson (USCAC) 1:08.8; 5—Storm (H) 1:09.0; 6—Anderson (F) 1:09.1. 

55 LOW HURDLES: 1—Aubrey Olson (USCAC) 9.51; 2—Leichtnam (F) 9.57; 3—Mariah Stein (MVL) 9.7; 4—Jones (F) 9.78; 5—Thiesse (F) 9.79; 6—Wegner (F) 9.83. 

800 METERS: 1—Pavich (F) 2:40.2; 2—Amber Klein (USCAC) 2:42.3; 3—Preusser (H) 2;42.8; 4—Ostlie (F) 2:45.4; 5—Alexa Diersen (MVL) 2:45.7; 6—Monica Illikman (MVL) 2:47.2. 

200 METERS: 1—Mikayla Gormley (USCAC) 25.29; 2—A. Vasilj (USCAC) 29.81; 3—Aubrey Olson (USCAC) 30.07; 4—Liz Solarz (H) 30.33; 5—Sarah Stelljes (MVL) and Mariah Stein (MVL) 30.51.

3,200 METERS: 1—Emily Mantor (USCAC) 11:31; 2—Beth Stevermer (USCAC) 12;13; 3—Ruprecht (H) 12:217; 4—Haugen (F) 13:40; 5—L. Halstead (GFW) 13:44; 6—Bartz (F) 13:58.

4x400 RELAY: 1—Holdingford 4:33.1; 2—United South Central/Alden-Conger (Samantha Chaffe, Caitlyn Klocek, Hannah Goemann, Anissa Janzig) 4:36.2; 3—Fairmont 4:40.5; 4—Minnesota Valley Lutheran (Brianna Holtmeier, Laura Schoenherr, Cheynne Bjorklund, Amber Gutzke) 4:52.5.

POLE VAULT: 1—Leichtnam (F) 7-feet-6; 2—Linsey Thisius (USCAC) 7-6; 3—Warzecha (H) 7-0; 4—Claire Christianson (USCAC) 6-0; 5—Olson (F) 6-0. 

LONG JUMP: 1—Schultz (F) 15-feet-9; 2—Bearson (F) 15-8.5; 3—Maggie Rauh (MVL) 15-2; 4—Kira Fosburgh (MVL) 14-5.5; 5—Kayla Norris (MVL) 14-1; 6—Linsey Thisius (USCAC) 13-8.

TRIPLE JUMP: 1—Bearson (F) 33-feet-7; 2—Anissa Janzig (USCAC) 30-4; 3—Siefried (F) 29-3.5; 4—Brianna Holtmeier (MVL) 29-1; 5—Palmer (GFW) 28-8.5; 6—Voss (F) 28-8.

HIGH JUMP: 1—Thiesse (F) 5-feet-1; 2—Lauren Allis (USCAC) 5-0; 3—Bliesmer (F) 5-1; 4—Kira Fosburgh (MVL) 4-8; 5—Fielder (H) 4-6; 6—Rylee Weisensel (MVL) 4-6.

SHOT PUT: 1—Amanda Allis (USCAC) 36-feet-10.5; 2—Lardy (F) 32-10.5; 3—Wegner (F) 30-0; 4—Lauren Allis (USCAC) 28-2; 5—Kate Carlson (MVL) 27-7.5; 6—Edgington (F) 26-11.5.

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